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Next race on 06/01/2024


The  10/5 miles Brick City  is more than a sporting event, it is a race through history and will travel the historical and natural heritage of the island of Menorca,  Biosphere Reserve.

The birth of the 10/5 miles Brick City  it wants to be a gesture of complicity in the British tradition, which has been part of this territory, and is presented in an unprecedented way in miles, the English measure of length, and not in kilometers as usual. And it is that for more than a hundred years, Menorca belonged to the British crown and as a result of this influence, close ties were forever established through culture, architecture, gastronomy or even the language (there are words of English origin incorporated in Menorcan).

The sixth edition, like the previous ones, will have as protagonist the Port of Maó , the largest natural port in the Mediterranean, the La Mola Fortress  or the Naval Base , which will open its doors again to tour it until the Pinto Island . With arrival at heart of the port , the absolute winner , they will get as a reward one of the most genuine treasures of this land, a batch of Brick Cheese  of ten or five kilos, depending on the race they contested and won.


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