LOGO 10_5 MILLES 2024+ Menorca lines

Extensive institutional and private support

The seventh edition of the 10/5 Milles Ciutat de Maó reaffirms the excellent reception both at an institutional and business level, due to the fact that it highlights the landscape and historical attributes of its route as well as the fact that it contributes to being a showcase for sports tourism .

At the institutional level they give their support to the 10/5 Miles Ciutat de Maó el Consell Insular de Menorca through the Fundació Foment de Turisme, Maó City Council, the Ministry of Economic Model, Tourism and Work of the Balearic Government and the collaboration of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan of the Government of Spain, funded by the European Union – Next Generation EU and the Balearic Islands Tourism Strategy Agency.

At the public level, the event also has the support of Ports de Balears , La Fortalesa La Mola and the Comandància Naval de Maó .

In the business section, the Maó-Menorca Cheese Regulatory Council will contribute the cheese to the winners and also to each participant. Autos Menorca will collaborate in offering a discount on car rental for participants from outside Menorca, Baleària joins this year offering discounts to be able to travel from Alcudia or from Barcelona to Menorca, Escape Home wanted to sponsor the organization’s hosting and Autobuses Mahón will transport the runners to the exit.