LOGO 10_5 MILLES 2024+ Menorca lines

The 10/5 Miles races will be taking place in a special and privileged setting. Menorca is an area that was declared a Biosphere Reserve in 1993 and its cultural and scenic heritage is one of its most appreciated treasures. The fact that race passes through such singular spots as the Fortress of La MolaIsla Pinto and the Port of Mahón provides a unique opportunity for the runners taking part in it.

We, the organisers of the race, want to work to reduce the impact that an event of this size may have on our island. To do this, the main spheres of work will be waste management and organisation of transport. Being able to count on the collaboration of all the participants in these tasks is key to their efficiency.

Waste management
The waste generated in the deeding points of the route and the finishing line will be separated for its selective collection and later recycling. The collaboration of everyone will be essential in order to leave the bottles and wrapping in the identifiable containers available.

Organisation of transport
With the aim of minimising the impact of the movement of private vehicles in the area during the 10 Miles race, in a scenic and cultural setting of special protection and sensitivity, the runners will be taken by bus to the Fortress of La Mola and Urb. Cala Llonga for the runners of the 5 Miles.