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Maria Allés and Miquel Torres take the 5 miles with times of 33 and 28 minutes respectively.

Maó, May 29: The stage of the 10/5 Milles Ciutat de Maó has once again shone with its own light after the 375 runners who have finally registered, have been able to enjoy a perfect and very sunny afternoon of running. The 10-mile race has once again crowned Ferreries runner María Pallicer as absolute queen in the women’s category, who was exultant after having achieved not only the podium or the 10 kilos of cheese as the winner but also set a time record, reducing his mark last year in two minutes and reaching the finish line in 1: 02.40. The five-time champion received an additional award from the organization as a tribute to her. In women, they would accompany Pallicer on the podium Maria Fiol Carreras, with a time of 1:07:32 and Marta Orives Gómez with 1:11:09.

For the men’s podium, the victory of the 10 Miles has been for a rookie Alex Vidal Hiscock with 56:06 and only three weeks after having overcome the Covid-19. This 25-year-old Minorcan engineer living in Cardif who regularly participates in marathons and half marathons in Wales, was in Menorca passing confinement and took advantage of the circumstance not to miss the appointment with the 10/5 Milles. Second place went to another Menorcan, Juan Moreno Mercadal, two minutes behind Vidal with a time of 58.17 seconds. The third place has corresponded to the Valencian Carlos Flores, also in his debut in the 10 Milles with 1:00:19.

The podium of the 5 Miles in the women’s category went to Mari Allés, with a time of 33:57, Mónica Bosch with 37:03 and Pilar Pons third with 37:49. In men, the winner was Ciutadellenc Miquel Torres Bosch, who won first place in 28:16 minutes, closely followed by Jairo Espi in 28:35 seconds. The third place went to Joan Torrens Vidal at 29:50.

Sport and tourism

The six editions of the 10/5 Millas Ciutat de Maó have demonstrated their true sports and tourism potential this year, registering a record number of participants, almost half of whom have come from outside Menorca to enjoy the race and the Isla. From Unisport Consulting, Manuel Hernández highlighted this fact and at the same time took the opportunity to thank the strict compliance that had been made with all the security measures imposed and that had contributed to being able to contest the race again in times of pandemic. Hernandez has also announced that he hopes to celebrate the 10/5 Milles next year, staying on the last weekend of May.

The classifications for all categories can be consulted on the official website of the event[:]