LOGO 10_5 MILLES 2024+ Menorca lines

The challenge of the 10/5 Milles Ciutat de Maó is back

The 10/5 Milles Ciutat de Maó returns to the sports calendar for another year in what will be its ninth edition, whose date has been confirmed for Saturday, June 1. Registration has been open for a few days on the event website and has already managed to attract the first 40 runners, who do not want to miss the challenge of this epic test measured in miles that runs through the maritime historical heritage of the port of Mahón departing from the La Mola Fortress and arriving at the Maritime Station on its longest side, and departing in Cala Llonga for the short route. A race organized by Unisport Consulting that is sponsored by the Fundació Foment del Turisme.

One of the important new features for this new edition is that the start of the runners is delayed at 6:30 p.m. so as not to harm the participants when they have to face summer temperatures. What does not change is the trophy that the winner takes, a batch of 10 and 5 kilos of DOP Mahón Menorca cheese, respectively, or the two euros that are paid per participant to the Balearic Association against Cancer, maintaining the supportive of the test. Also in the field of sustainability, with the collection of used batteries that the runners contribute each year or the recyclable packaging that is used in the refreshment stations.

Inscriptions at www.carreramao.com